Kavanagh Racing comment regarding Circle Of Magic

Circle Of Magic returned an irregularity on 8th March when running 2nd at Sandown. She was tested again on 22nd of March after her win at Sandown and returned a negative sample. Since the irregularity she has been tested multiple times and each time has returned a negative swab.

The substance that was found in her sample was Formestane which is a substance commonly used for the treatment of Breast Cancer in Women. AR 248(4) states that once a substance is found the system of a horse it cannot race for 12 months. A Google search has found that this substance is transdermal which means that Formestane can pass through skin and can be spread by contact.

There have been several other trainers which have also had irregularities of a similar substance that are unable to identify the source. Including one who has a positive test to the control sample. Add this to the fact that Circle Of Magic has also tested negative to the substance 14 days after the irregularity, this then suggests that there could be a problem with contamination either during the collection of the sample or throughout the testing process.

RVL Stewards have analysed our stable procedures and protocols together with our veterinary treatments. Together we could find no evidence of any products used or reason why this irregularity has become present.



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